Detailed Lion Painting

Recently I have enjoyed creating animal paintings, since I love animals I thought I would try painting a lion this time combining a mixture of acrylic paint and watercolor pencils. I enjoy using watercolor pencils, especially to help add fine detail into my painting.

My all time favorite medium is acrylic paint, I find acrylic more comfortable to paint with since I’ve used this medium quite a lot throughout my drawings. I previously experimented with colored pencil through my squirrel drawing, and I found this medium a great way to add any detail especially when it comes to drawing animal fur. This therefore lead me to combine both coloured pencil and acrylic paint with this piece.

African Landscape Mural

I love the overall appearance of an African landscape especially when the suns just setting in the horizon and you can see all the silhouettes of animals and trees in the distance. This piece is a mural I created based on the African Landscape theme.

My intention is to capture how beautiful a sunset in Africa appears. This is one of my favorite pieces I have painted since it was a challenge to paint at large scale, but I think its turned out well.

African Landscape Mural 2

Nature Reclaiming Series

Through doing research on nature through my time at university, I came across the title ‘Nature Reclaiming’ where I found a range of photos showing the impact of nature reclaiming the world. I found doing research on this interesting, and this helped me come to the decision to create an art project based on this title. This series focuses on how nature gradually starts to reclaim a part of the world when theirs no sign of human life. I used acrylic on canvas to create all three of these paintings.

My series begins with a dark and gloomy apocalyptic image showing nature starting to grow through the cracks and ditches of a huge hole in the ground.

With the beauty of nature beginning its process of growth, the second image appears more vivid since nature is appearing to manifest. The sun is also making its first appearance through the clouds.

The final image shows the beauty of nature at its full growth, with grass and flowers blooming in the cracks, and different colours overwhelming the gloominess the image once appeared. Blue sky can be seen for the first time and this image gives a sense of cheerfulness.

Nature Reclaiming 1Nature Reclaiming 2Nature Reclaiming 3

Glassware: Engraved/Hand Painted

As a hobby I enjoy creating and designing glassware to sell at local craft fairs. In addition, I also have a website on Facebook named ‘Kimberley’s Creations’ where I showcase my glassware designs.

I create a mixture of engraving and hand painted glassware using any type of glass they would like, and customers also have the option to personalize glassware however they wish. My inspiration is nature, where I gain ideas from animals, plants etc.

Book Cover Design- A Brief History of Time

During my time at University, I was able to design a book cover as part of an Illustration project. Our aim was to redesign Stephan Hawking’s book cover. Because Stephan Hawking’s book is titled “A Brief History of Time” I therefore decided to go with a space theme for his book idea. I first began with the background creating a space background using Photoshop.

Afterwards I thought of creating a silhouette across the bottom section of the book. I hand painted the silhouette and edited using Photoshop. In addition I intended adding some planets in the sky to ad a sence of realism and I edited them using Photoshop and Illustrator.

A Breif History of Time Book cover 2

Lino Printing

Using the Lino print process I created a scene of a customer purchasing a coffee in a coffee shop. I created this piece in my first year at University.

My intention for this project was to show how busy a coffee shop got at different times of the day. This scene was when the coffee shop was about to close with just one customer being served. I experimented with a range of colour schemes and found this colour appears more striking and appealing.lino print

Intaglio Print, Nature Reclaiming.

My current project is based on nature reclaiming back the world. I intended to explore the possibility of this happening through doing extensive research. I used the intaglio print process to create these two pieces.

My aim for this project is for the colour green to overwhelm the building shown in the background. I tried using a range of colours and found the colour green was most suitable for my title ‘Nature Reclaiming,’ since green symbolizes nature.